👀 About Me 👀


I’m Luke.


I’m a professional data scientist📈 and amateur photographer📷, musician🎶, and fermentation fan🍶 living in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


I grew up in upstate New York🗽 and Colorado 🌄, but my family is from the Pittsburgh🐧 area. I ended up returning there for college and studied Psychology💡 at Carnegie Mellon.


I currently work as a Senior Data Scientist at edX🏫 and previously worked as a data scientist at Publicis🇫🇷 and Digitas🌈.

💻 This Site 💻

The main attraction is the blog. I mostly post about data science, particularly R👌 and the Tidyverse🙌. However, I also post photos, music, fermentation experiments, and writing on miscellaneous topics. An RSS feed💌 is also available.

You can also view my resume📄 or contact me📧 over email.

The site itself is built using Hugo, Blogdown, simple-hugo-theme, a limited knowledge of web technology, and an undying passion for emoji. I have a few blog posts about the arduous (for me, anyway) process of customizing the site.

☁️ Other Web Services ☁️

Like any good millennial I have an Instagram, and Soundcloud.

I post DJ mixes to Mixcloud and photos to 500px in addition to putting them on here.

I’m an avid user of Bandcamp💾. It’s a great service for supporting independent artists and it warms my heart whenever someone buys something through my profile. I also use Discogs💿 to track my physical music collection.