👀 About Me 👀


I’m Luke.


I’m a professional data scientist and amateur photographer, musician, and fermentation fan living in New York City.


I grew up in upstate New York🗽 and Colorado 🌄, but my family is from the Pittsburgh🐧 area. I ended up returning there for college and studied Psychology at Carnegie Mellon.


I currently work as a Staff Data Scientist at Skillshare and previously worked as a data scientist at edX,​ Publicis, and Digitas.

This Site

I occasionally post to the blog . An RSS feed💌 is also available.

You can view my resume📄 or contact me📧 over email.

The site itself is built using Hugo, Blogdown, and simple-hugo-theme. The site is hosted using Netlify and the favicon was created with the very handy favicon-emoji utility.